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In Quadrapassel your goal is to create as many complete horizontal lines as possible.

The lines are made from seven different shapes. The shapes fall randomly from the top center of the screen. Your task is to rotate and move the shapes across the screen to make complete lines. By making complete horizontal lines, you score points and move up levels. As you progress, the speed of the falling blocks increases.

Under the Game tab, you can change the way in which the game starts:

  • Number of pre-filled rows indicates how many rows with blocks there will be when the game starts.
  • Density of blocks in a pre-filled row indicates how many blocks there will be in a pre-filled row when the game starts.
  • Starting level controls the speed with which you will start.

These options can vary from 0 to 19, 0 to 10, and 1 to 20 respectively.

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