Cloud platform
for native applications

At rollApp we believe that you should be able to get things done using any application on any reasonably powerful computing device. We build a platform on top of cloud technologies to run native applications in a way largerly indistinguishable from running them locally.

Here is why we think cloud is a way to go:

  • Cloud can take any form. Cloud technology has inherent flexiblity that allows to accomodate the needs of any application and hide the underlying complexity from the end-user.
  • Cloud can be small, cloud can be big. Historically applications' capabilities has been limited by the resources of computers running them. Not any more cloud can allocate as much resources as is necessary do the task.
  • Flying in the clouds makes things possible that were unthinkable before. With the cloud applications or their individual functions can be instantly available to anyone in any part of the world.

Cloud is the future for the applications.