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Applications in the Cloud

Cloud makes a great platform to run desktop applications. Apps in the cloud can be used on nearly any device with a modern web browser. No need to download, install or update anything any more. On rollApp cloud platform applications are always up-to-date, secure and offer same familiar experience on any device.

Explore more than 350 great apps already available in the cloud powered by rollApp.

If you develop an application and want to take advantage of the cloud, rollApp can help move your app to the cloud.

Workplace for Education and Business

Unfold power of rollApp cloud application platform for your class, your team or entire company.

With rollApp Premium for Groups you get our full set of productivity, educational, scientific applications and utilities. Everything comes in one
package available across all
supported devices ranging from
Chromebooks and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

It is great compliment for Google's Chromebook for schools, colleges and universities.

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Online File Editing APIs

rollApp is a cloud platform with unique features for different software developers.

We can move your desktop applications to the cloud and open them to new platforms like tablets and Chromebooks and make them available to lots of new users.

Our rollmyfile.js API makes it possible for your applications to let users open and edit files online in just one click.

Stay tuned for the updates or drop us a note at support@rollapp.com to get early access.


rollMyFile makes it easy to open files from your computer online. With over 500 of supported file types you will be able to open any file. Just drag and drop a file anywhere onto the site and we will do rest of the work - find an app that can open the file, launch it and load your file.

Try rollMyFile now!

If you are a developer, you can provide same great file opening capabilities to your users as well. Check out rollmyfile.js API