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QElectroTech is an application to create primarily, electrical, electronics, automation and control circuits.

However, QElectroTech can be exploited to create mechanical objects to illustrate processes, instrumentation drawings among various creative possibilities. QElectroTech is a good professional quality drafting application for various drawings that form a project.

QElectroTech has a large collection of standard and custom symbols, referred to as elements, that describe most of the commonly used components in electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, computer systems. These elements can be selected drag dropped with mouse on to a diagram editor and connected with lines to represent or describe a system. A large number of such diagrams can be drafted under a project. QElectroTech is easy to use professional software that is free to download, install, use and develop.

QElectroTech also consists of an inbuilt element editor that permits creation of newer elements that do not exist in the collection. Elements in the QET collection are not editable i.e read only. But, once the element is drag dropped into a diagram, it is automatically added to “imported” collection in a duplicate copy. This copy of the element will be available for editing to effect suitable changes to create customized symbols.

The elements in QElectoTech are saved in a xml format. The projects and diagrams can be saved as *.qet format for further editing.

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