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PDFsam Basic is an application to split, merge, extract pages, rotate and mix PDF files.

PDF merge:

Merge is the most used PDFsam Basic module and lets you combine PDF files together.

Page ranges

Input PDF files can be merged completely or partially. A page selection can be set in the form of comma separated page intervals (Ex. 1-10, 14, 25-) letting you specify what pages you want to merge for every input PDF file.


Set what to do with the bookmarks of the merged PDF files. You can merge them together, discard them to keep the resulting file smaller or create a new bookmarks tree with one entry for every merged PDF file.


Set what to do with AcroForms when they are found in the input PDF file. You can discard them but also merge them into a new form or even merge them renaming fields with name clashes.

PDF split:

Split at predefined pages

The selected PDF file can be split after every page, generating a new document for every page in the original file, or after every even or odd page

Split specifying pages

Specify the page numbers where you want to break your document. You can even tell PDFsam to split the PDF every n pages.

PDF Split by size

Divide PDF files into smaller ones of a given size (roughly).

PDF Split by bookmarks

Select the outline (bookmarks) level you want to split at and your PDFfile will be divided at every page pointed by the bookmarks at the selected level.

PDF mix:

The PDF mix module lets you merge two or more PDF files taking pages alternately from each input file, in straight or reverse order. The perfect match for your single-sided scans.

Rotate PDF:

The PDF Rotate module lets you rotate PDF files by simply selecting the files you want to rotate and apply a rotation of 90, 180 or 270 degrees to all or some of their pages.

Extract pages:

The Extract module lets you extract pages from PDF files. Single pages or page ranges can be selected to create a new PDF file containing only the pages you need.

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