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KTuberling a simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike. The idea of the game is based around a once popular doll making concept. Gametype: Toy. Number of possible players: One.

KTuberling is a game intended for small children. Of course, it may be suitable for adults who have remained young at heart.

It is a “potato editor”. That means that you can drag and drop eyes, mouths, mustache, and other parts of face and goodies onto a potato-like guy. Similarly, you have other playgrounds with different themes.

There is no winner for the game. The only purpose is to make the funniest faces you can.

KTuberling can also “speak”. It will spell out the name of the objects you drag and drop. It will “speak” in a language that you can choose. You can even use it to learn a bit of vocabulary in foreign languages.

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  • 17/03/14
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    Cute idea, but the interface is not very intuitive. I assumed you'd be able to drag and drop the items; instead, i had to click on the item and then click where I wanted it to be. This wouldn't be so bad if i could see a preview of where the item was going before I set it down. Instead, I just had to approximate with the cursor and then hope it matched up where I wanted it. Needs a little bit of work.