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KSquares is a fun and exciting game. It's modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of Dots and Boxes. To start the game online, click the Launch Online button. Browser requirements: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

At the start of the game, the game board is empty. There is simply a grid of dots showing where lines can be drawn. Note: Depending on the game difficulty chosen, the game field may already contain lines at the beginning of the game round. Each player takes it in turns to draw a line between two adjacent dots on the board. By hovering the mouse over the game board, a yellow indicator line will show you where your line will be placed when you click. Once you have decided where you want to draw your line, click - and the line will be drawn. If by drawing a line, you completed a square then this square now belongs to you and earns you a point. Each time you complete a square, you may draw another line. If your line did not complete a square then the next player(s) take their turn. The game will continue until every square on the board owned by one of the players

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