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KMines is a puzzle game where you locate mines floating in an ocean using only your brain and a little bit of luck.  

How to play: 

You start the game with a grid of covered squares and no idea what is in them. Clicking on a square reveals what is in it: either empty ocean or a mine. If you find a mine bad things happen and the game is over. If you uncover an empty square, you survive and get to try again. We do give you a bit of help: if you find an empty piece of ocean a number is printed there telling you how many mines are in the adjacent squares (or no number if there are no nearby mines). Once you find a few clear squares you can start to deduce which squares have mines in them and which don't. You win the game once you have revealed all the un-mined squares and marked all the mined squares.

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    THIS IS GREAT! kinda annoying when you hit a mine tho