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CompendiumNG, is a powerful application that lets you create extensive and interactive maps using nodes and link structure. Common usages of CompendiumNG include: dialog mapping and mind mapping but its uses are almost limitless.

Ideas are represented as icons called nodes. There are ten types of node: question, answer, list view, map view, pro, con, note, decision, reference, argument. There are three types of relationship between nodes: associative, transclusive, categorical. Images can be placed directly into a view, assigned to a node, or assigned to the background picture.

  • Drag and drop documents and websites onto a map
  • Complete freedom to arrange icons
  • Keyword tagging
  • Map and label the connections between concepts to illustrate links
  • Create dialogue maps to display links between everyone's ideas in group projects
  • Create argument maps collaboratively, editing each other's writing
  • Create issue/problem templates
  • Share learning pathways
  • Organise large amounts of information
  • Place resources in sequence to develop a learning path

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