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Clickteam Fusion is the latest in the famous range of game creation software from Clickteam.

Containing all of the editors, interfaces and clever ideas that have made our previous titles so successful, now anyone on any budget can start developing powerful games and apps for free! Discover the simplicity of designing games and apps with just your mouse. From character and level design to programming, everything is done visually. If you can read, you can program with Fusion!


  • HTML5 game & app creation

You can create and publish HTML5 games & apps for free, with no royalties to pay, ever! Now anyone can create and publish fantastic browser based games!

  • Physics objects with Box2D

Create games with super-realistic physics, from gravity to complex object interactions, ropes & particles. You want to make the next Angry Birds? No problem, you’re just a few clicks away!

  • A simple and consistent interface

All of the editors are mouse operated. Simply click through and select from easy written descriptions and actions for each object.

  • Make your first game in less than one hour!

Follow one of our easy to understand tutorials which come included with the software and you will be playing your very own game within a hour. Amazing!

  • Free artwork library to get you started

Even if you’re not an artist, you can use our exclusive library of royalty free graphics and artwork to help you through your first couple of games.

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