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Getting started

Moving a desktop application to the cloud with rollApp is easy and straightforward. Most importantly, no changes to your application are necessary.

  1. Get in touch with us to start the process
  2. Using the install package you provided we'll move your app to rollApp cloud an share it with you privately
  3. Together with you we will test the app in the cloud and ensure the optimal configuration to showcase your application
  4. Once you are ready, you add "Try online" button to your web site
After user works with the app for some time, he'll be given an option to buy your application on your site.

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Online trials are better


Users get to try your application with all the necessary computing resources and in configuration you specifically devised.


Steer users directly to the purchase right from within the online trial.


Learn what features of your app users are most interested in trying and get other insights to guide your marketing and sales.

Developer newsletter

Be the first to know all platform updates and open new opportunutues for your app in the cloud.


Computing resources


Suitable for most productivity and office applications.


More RAM and CPU resources for working with graphics.


Designed for most resource demanding applications.

Application launches
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Daily limit
additionally 7$ for each 100 launches over daily limit
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