Move your Delphi and C++ Builder apps to the cloud

You users are moving to the cloud — are you there for them?

Any app?

Yes, any desktop app with GUI.

With no changes to your app

publish it on the rollApp cloud and

let users run it in the browser.

Proven applications. Unconventional capabilities

Your app only one click away from a user

With rollApp, latest version of your application created with RAD Studio will always be at your users' fingertips. No more mailing CDs, resolving download, installation or upgrade problems. Latest version of your software will always be available for use in a browser.

Ready for any device

Windows is not a cage for your apps created with RAD Studio. With the help of rollApp your application becomes available on virtually any device: from Macs to Chromebooks to iPads and Android tablets.

Fast and efficient

No need to rewrite your applications - you can run unmodified builds of your software on rollApp cloud platform. Our global cloud infrastructure will make your application available to users all over the world with no hassle for you.

Start moving your app to the cloud today!

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