OpenOffice for Your Browser

Office on iPad – Productivity Suite in Safari. No Install. No fuss.

View and edit office documents on iPad. Store and manage your files in Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

rollApp offers a suite of browser-based office applications geared towards boosting your productivity and offering powerful office applications for iPad: OpenOffice and LibreOffice, including a word processor, spreadsheet app, presentation and drawing tool.

Key Reasons to Choose rollApp’s Office Applications for iPad:

  • Create/edit documents right in the browser – no software to install.
  • Store files in your cloud storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.net – your data stays in your cloud.
  • Save OpenOffice documents as Word files, if needed, right on your iPad.
  • Access office apps on different devices and operating systems.

An office application launched in the rollApp's cloud requires an Internet connection to be delivered right your iPad via a web browser: Safari or Google Chrome.

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