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Xournal is an easy to use application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus. Xournal aims to provide superior graphical quality (subpixel resolution) and overall functionality. The app is always with you on the move or at home: on your PC, tablet and even phone. Plus, you get access to your files from your cloud storage: Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Available tools:

  • The "pen" is the default drawing tool in Xournal. It comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses
  • "Eraser" can either delete everything in its radius of operation, act as a white pen ("whiteout") mode or delete the whole length of any continuous stroke in the affected area
  • "Highlighter" acts as a semitransparent pen allowing the user to highlight areas of text or image
  • Text tool allows insertion of basic blocks of character-based text
  • Image tool allows to move or resize the newly inserted or any selected image
  • Shape recognizer can be enabled alongside with the pen to automatically detect circles, lines and polygons when they are drawn and replace them with a clean version
  • Ruler is a special operating mode of the pen and highlighter tools
  • Hand tool lets you browse the journal; dragging the cursor scrolls the view.

Additionally, strokes and blocks of text can be selected, moved and copied using a rectangular selection tool.

Xournal User's Manual with information on tools, pages, layers, backgrouds and more is available at xournal.sourceforge.net/manual.html

PDF annotation

Xournal can be used to annotate PDF files, by loading the pages of a PDF file as backgrounds for a journal. Annotation can then proceed using any of Xournal's standard tools: Pen, eraser, text, and highlighter.

Xournal has exporting to PDF. So your journals look similar on different devices and applications, and on the paper after printing.

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