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A tool to manage, calculate and verify MD5 checksum of multiple files/folders.


Faster calculating and verifying

Uses an optimized algorithm. Faster than most MD5 programs.

Multiple files handling

Can display, process and manage multiple files in a categorized, sortable list view.


It is less than 300 KB and does not require any installation.

Convenient to add files and folders

Can add files and folders via Open File dialog, drag and drop or command line.

Enhanced Open File dialog

Can add folders and set corresponding options using this dialog.

Options for adding folders

Can set to include which types of files, exclude which types of files, and whether recurse sub-folders or not.


Can do any operations while adding and checking. For example, adding files, removing md5 items, sorting, etc.

Full management of saved md5 items in MD5 files

Can update, delete saved md5 items in MD5 files conveniently.

Three ways to save

Can save md5 items per folders silently, per files silently, or use Save File dialog to save them to one MD5 file.

Categorized views

Can view all md5 items or view one category of md5 items.

Three types of copy commands

Can copy md5 items into the format you need.

International support

Supports Unicode. And, when open/save MD5 files, user can choose to use a code page other than the current system setting.

System integration

Has options to: Associate with MD5 files; Create Program Groups shortcut; Add to Shell context menu; Add to Send To menu.

Integrated Shell commands

Provides two Shell commands: Locate and Properties, to be convenient to locate files and view their properties in Explorer.

Compare MD5 dialog

Only needed if there is no previously saved MD5 file. Compare MD5 dialog allows user to compare file’s current MD5 checksum with input or another file’s rather than manually comparison.

MD5 Calculator dialog

Provides an MD5 Calculator dialog to calculate the MD5 hash of specified text.

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