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About Gretl

Gretl is a cross-platform software package for econometric analysis. Offers GNU regression, econometrics and time-series library. 


  • Easy intuitive interface (now in French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Traditional Chinese, Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek and Japanese as well as English)
  • A wide variety of estimators: least squares, maximum likelihood, GMM; single-equation and system methods
  • Time series methods: ARIMA, GARCH, VARs and VECMs, unit-root and cointegration tests, Kalman filter, etc.
  • Limited dependent variables: logit, probit, tobit, heckit, interval regression, models for count and duration data, etc.
  • Output models as LaTeX files, in tabular or equation format
  • Integrated powerful scripting language
  • Command loop structure for Monte Carlo simulations and iterative estimation procedures
  • GUI controller for fine-tuning Gnuplot graphs
  • An expanding range of contributed function packages
  • Links to GNU R, GNU Octave and Ox for further data analysis

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