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EqualX Equation Editor - is a powerful interactive tool that lets you create mathematical notation.


  • Type TeX or LaTeX

Type your equation in the best typesetting language for equations, TeX. You can paste in your existing equations and mix TeX code with click-and-click.

  • Syntax Highlighting - Type Easier

The equation editor helps you type equations easier with syntax highlighting.

  • Code Completion - Type Faster

Code completion helps you type faster.

  • Equations with style

Give style to your equations. Change Foreground or Background colors.

  • Symbols Toolbar - Point and Click

Don't know a latex symbol? Here you may find it.

  • Library Bookmarks - Special place for your favorite equations

Sometimes equations are tedious to write and if you believe you may need it again, this is the special place to put it. The equations can be saved with a title and description so that later on you can find them faster using the search functionality. You can also organize your equations in folders (categories).

  • Library History - Keeps track of every equation you create

Never lose an equation... or till you clear the history.

  • Export File Type - Is a (right) click away

If want to change the default exporting file type, its now easy. Right click the equation and make your choice. Next time you drag-n-drop the equation, the exported equation it will be in a type according to your choice. SVG is now supported, and whats interesting is that the exported files can also be loaded back into EqualX. Just drop it back on EqualX.

  • Bookmarks - Equations are more than symbols

Because the equations represent our understanding about some phenomena or law, we can attach a few words about them when we add them in the library. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or to be complete about an equation, because you can always go back to library and edit any bookmarked equation. You can also change its folder location, by dragging it to another folder or selecting another folder from Edit Bookmark dialog.

  • Reporting LaTeX Errors

Anyone makes mistakes, but finding the location of a problem is not always easy. This is where the latex engine parser comes useful, it just shows you where the problem is. If want to see the full latex log, you can go to menu View->Latex Output.

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