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Blender is a professional 3D computer graphics application.

Blender offers photorealistic rendering, realistic materials, fast modeling (3D graphic), fast rigging, animation toolset (3D modeler), sculpting, fast UV unwrapping, full compositor, amazing simulations, game creation, camera and object tracking, library of extensions, video editing, file formats, flexible interface.

This is one of the best software for visualization, drafting, rendering and design. It also has a built-in game engine with the possibility to quickly prototype ideas directly in the 3D application. While other applications (such as Maya and 3DS Max) have the same modeling tools, Blender is distinguished to have a very intuitive and easy to understanding modeling workflow.

This is the best choice for professional graphic 3D design and animation, especially for a Chromebook, but you can run Blender on rollApp from any device without downloads or installation, even on your tablet.

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