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Biogenesis is an online modern microbiology laboratory. Biogenesis visualizes the process of evolution of unicellular organisms. It illustrates basic biological facts, ideas of mutation or evolution and can also be enjoyed as an entertainment.

You will love experiments with a huge variety of organisms and opportunity to study their life and behavior. App presents concepts such as evolution, ecosystem, photosynthesis, mutation, metabolism, genetic code, respiration, oxygen cycle, carbon cycle, limiting factor. You don't need a microscope and test tubes. Everything you need to witness the evolution of life is a device with an Internet connection.

  • Study your favorite beings and clone them.
  • Check the ecosystem stability by stimulating the growth of a concrete species or eradicating another one.
  • Discover a new life pathway or freeze an interesting organism.
  • Study ways evolution can take and play with different parameters to see how organisms mutate to adapt to the environment.

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    5 year old be like "its a cat" - type in port 8888