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Antimony is a CAD tool in which CAD software evolved from Lisp machines rather than drafting tables.

Antimony is built on three mostly-orthogonal axes:

  • A framework for tracking information flow through directed acyclic graphs
  • A geometry engine for doing CSG
  • A standard library of shapes and transforms

Antimony's geometry engine uses functional representations for solid modeling. In the application, the geometry engine renders shapes as shaded bitmaps. They're then blitted to a 3D viewport. Antimony can export heightmaps for 2.5D processes and .stl files for 3D manufacturing. The .stl export includes feature detection to keep corners and edges sharp.

Antimony's standard library defines many shapes and transforms, from basic (rotate, scale, boolean operations) to unusual (attract, repel, bend). These shapes are used in node definitions, which typically add input and output ports and can optionally define UI features.

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