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Need to open a file, but don't know which app can do that?

Open it online with rollMyFile!

Combined power of more than 350 apps allows to open 500+ different types of files.

No downloads, no installations, no hassle!

Apps cloud for your company or school

One solution for multiple needs

for business

  • app-in-one package of wide range of productivity apps
  • public and private cloud deployment options for great balance between scalability and control
  • ultimate support for "bring your own device" movement

for schools

  • effective group management tools
  • turn Chromebooks into ultimate learning machines with great selection of applications for education
  • apps available anywhere: in the classroom, at home and on the go
Learn more about rollApp Premium for Groups and private cloud deployments
We can also help bring you internal applications to the cloud to make them available on various modern devices

New horizons for your applications

New age brings new challenges to app developers

Do your users ever ask you

  • where to get your application for iPad?
  • how do I run your app on my new Chromebook?
  • can I share your app with my co-workers?

Software engineering wisdom goes that porting application to a new platform takes roughly as much time as the development of the original version. That's a huge investment and a huge risk.

Have apps currently running on...

We can help you get them running on

Ping us at support@rollapp.com to learn more about moving your apps to the cloud

Integrate rollApp online applications into your Web application

Check out rollMyFile JavaScript API documentation and drop us a note at support@rollapp.com to get started!

rollmyfile.js API

rollApp offers our users over 200 applications which can open and edit more than 500 different types of files.

  • Preview for .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .PSD and other files uploaded by users
  • High fidelity editing for office documents, images and drawings, blueprints and mind maps managed by your system
  • Powerful creative tools integrated into your web application
Wonder what can be done? rollMyFile – service for opening any file online – is built on top of our rollmyfile.js API for opening and editing files.