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All-in-one cloud service that gives you everything

More than 140 apps

Everything from office to CAD

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integrated with cloud storage

Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive

Simple access to your files

Support for multiple accounts

work on nearly any device

Chromebook, Windows PC, Mac, Linux

Kindle, iPad, Android tablets

Android, Firefox OS smartphones

for processing 500+ file types

App for almost any type of file

Tools for opening files quickly

Edit and save your work on the fly

Great for education and small business

Get your team powerful applications for every occasion in one great package available on any device anywhere in the world. Everyone can use his favorite device be it tablet, Chromebook, desktop PC, laptop or even smartphone and have unlimited access to dozens of applications that help get things done.

rollApp is great for classroom with wide range of applications for education: from fun typing training with Klavaro to learning basics of programming with KTurtle to experimenting in physics with Step to advanced statistical analysis with Octave and much more. All of these applications work great on inexpensive devices such as Chromebooks thanks to rollApp cloud application platform.

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Easy way to open almost any file from your computer online – just drag the file onto rollMyFile.com

For developers

Give new life to your desktop applications – move them to the cloud with rollApp.

Add unique capabilities to your web applications with rollmyfile.js API – let users open uploaded files online in one simple click.

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