Frequently Asked Questions

Running and using apps

  • On rollApp applications run on a remote server in the cloud and Internet connection is required to use them.
  • When Internet connection between your browser and the application is lost, application will continue running on the server. You will see a "Restoring connection..." message and the browser will automatically try to restore connection to the app. So, if there was intermittent connectivity problem, once the connection is restored the app will reconnect and you will be able to continue from where you left off.
  • If you simply close the browser window, because of a number of technical reasons, we can not exactly determine if the window was closed to exit the application or there was just a connectivity hiccup. Therefore we keep application running on the server for some time (10 min for users on the Starter plan, 60 min for users with Premium subscription). If it was a connectivity glitch, you browser will reconnect to the app and you will continue working as usual.

    However, if you indeed intended to close the app and do not reconnect to it, we will terminate the application running on the server after 10 or 60 minutes. When we do so, there is a risk that unsaved data may be lost because the application will not be able to show confirmation message like "Your document contains unsaved changes. Do you really want to close application without saving?" since you are disconnected.

    When we have to terminate the application, we will send an email to notify you about this event. To avoid these emails and more importantly make sure all your changes are saved, we recommend to always close applications using File > Exit.

  • For security reasons browsers severely limit access to system clipboard for web pages and web applications. Unfortunately, these limitations do not allow to enable fully transparent clipboard integration for applications running on rollApp.

    At this time you can copy and paste text to and from applications on rollApp:

    • To get text from an application press Ctrl-C or click Edit > Copy in the app. Then open Clipboard Manager from the toolbar (available via signal strength indicator).
    • To paste text into an application press Ctrl-V (or ⌘-V on Mac). Or you can open Clipboard Manager and paste text into it and have automatically pasted into the application.

  • Audio playback is currently not supported for the applications running on rollApp. This feature is on the roadmap and will be implemented in the future.

Working with files

  • If you click on File > Open or File > Save on an application a familiar dialog with list of files will open. There if you go to a "home" folder (which in most cases will be open by default), you will see folders representing your connected cloud storage. If you did not change the default names there will be one or more of
    • MyDropbox
    • MyGoogleDrive
    • MyOneDrive
    • MyBox
    You can then open and save files, create folders like you would normally do in other applications.
  • Applications running on rollApp can only access files in cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box. Many of these cloud storage systems support automatic sync between your computer and the cloud. This makes it much easier to make changes to a file locally and then continue working on in it in the cloud on rollApp.

    You can also use rollMyFile to open files from your local disk by simply dragging then onto a webpage. Changes will still have to be saved to cloud storage though.

    In addition to that you can use feature called LocalSync to upload a file from your computer to the application already running on rollApp. To that click the "Upload file" button in the rollApp toolbar in running application and select a file to upload. Then click File/Open and select the file you just uploaded in the folders LocalSync. Check out this guide on using LocalSync.

  • With rollApp Premium you can save files directly to your local computer using LocalSync. To do that just save the file to the folder called LocalSync using the File/Save function of the application. After you do that you will shortly be prompted to choose where to put that file on your computer. You can learn more about LocalSync in this guide.


  • Not all the applications can be available on rollApp right away. There can be different reasons for that. Most often they include technical limitations and licensing restrictions. We use Wishlist to gauge interest to different applications, which are not yet available on rollApp.

    When you see an appication marked as "In Wishlist", it means that someone has already asked for the application to be available on rollApp. Vote for this application to show that you would like to use it online too.

Subscription and payments

  • All the differences between plans are described here.

    The short version is that rollApp Starter only supports opening files for view and does not allow saving changes or creating new files in your cloud storage. rollApp Premium in addition to read-write access to cloud storage provides support for printing from applications and persistent application settings. Certain applications require rollApp Premium to run in the cloud.

  • Some applications require more resources than is available with rollApp Starter and rollApp Premium is required to provide these apps with computing power and network capabilities necessary to run them in the cloud.

    rollApp provides a service that allows to run hundreds of applications online on any device including devices and platforms, which are not supported by the applications themselves. Providing online virtual applications to thousands of users requires lots of computational resources. In a sense it is similar to buying a computer for everyone, who wants to run any application on rollApp.

  • In order to switch your rollApp Premium plan you need to cancel your existing subscription and start new subscription with desired billing period.

    When you cancel subscription payments are not refunded and you retain access to all rollApp Premium featured until the end of the billing period you already paid for.

  • You can check which credit card we currently have in file for future payments in your profile. To change credit card associated with your accout you can click "Update payment details" there or follow this link.

Other questions