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Better browsing with rollApp File Opener

Have you ever downloaded a file from the Web only to find out that you do not have an application to open that file? We've been there too, but now those times are over!

With rollApp File Opener not only you will always have an application to work with any type of file, but also you will not have to download files any more. This browser extension will allow you to open files right from the Web page so that you do not have to worry about anything.

File will be downloaded to a temporary location on our servers and will be open in read-only mode. If you need to you'll be able to later save it to any of your connected cloud storage.

Take full advantage of your Dropbox

Do you use Dropbox? Good news! With rollApp File Opener you can open, edit and save files from your Dropbox. It is as easy as going logging in to Dropbox and clicking 'Open' in the rollApp toolbar.

For this feature to work your Dropbox should be connected to rollApp as cloud storage. Connect now!